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Our Future

I think America’s future has never been brighter.

It’s never been brighter in big part due to our young people. I see a lot of positives to point to in our younger generation. I see it in the ones who work with me. They are willing to work hard for the things they believe in, such as a healthier balance between work and personal life. They don’t tend to subscribe to the old-fashioned thinking of ‘I will give you 30 years in exchange for retirement to then do what I want to do in life.’ The young don’t think retirement, instead thinking ‘do what you love for a lifetime’. They think big, assume they can do whatever they dream, judge less, and are able to balance business with the environment and human differences better than past generations. As a society, they’re bigger, faster, stronger, and most importantly, getting smarter. The world is so much smaller to the younger generation. Fixing the world’s problems are easier to them, and the desire stronger than maybe ever.

A second reason for the brightness I see, America’s political and social divide is slowly creating something new, bringing good and hope back to the country. Don’t look for the positive changes in the politicians or the news, instead, look at the people of America and how they function together.

To see a great example of this, look no further than the business sector. Capitalism has been the engine that has built this economy and catapulted the US to a world leader. But with classic Capitalism comes problems, such as greed, self-focus, winners, and losers. The business sector is finding a much healthier balance, successfully blending the older and younger generation’s ideas. Businesses are becoming more employee-focused, showing that they care for their workers more and more. This balance strengthens not only the business itself but the country as a whole in the competitive global market. Companies are realizing that they can be kind, think of others, give back to their community and be even more profitable than the old classic Capitalism model.

Many young people want to do something great and leave a mark on society. American business is focusing on its collective employee effort. Treating employees like they matter leads to more company buy-in. The divide in our country is incredibly emotional and the mutual convictions on both political sides is very strong. From a party standpoint, both sides have some truths, and each side has points that can make our country greater.

I continue to see the public sifting more and more through both party’s arguments and assembling a country that will be stronger than ever with this healthy thinking. A country that will compete in the economic sector and take care of its people and environment led by business, just as we strive to do at MDL. The young people today are not like the hippies of the years past who didn’t trust anyone over thirty. They listen to and value the opinion of the older generation, while also sticking to their own convictions to create a collective new path.

America may seem to be falling behind, fraying around the edges, but I suggest we are seeing the pains of a new, stronger America being birthed, led by the young, and changing Capitalism.

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