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About Us

Our Story

Mike Loomis started his career in real estate after reading a book about real estate investing while attending college. In 1986, he borrowed $40,000 from his grandparents (that was fully repaid), which he used to purchase his first two investment properties. Over the next 10 years, Mike obtained his General Contractor's License and was able to grow MDL Investments to include 90 properties. He also began buying homes to fix and sell on land contract, totaling over 400 homes to date.

In 2000 MDL Investments formed partnerships with local investors to repeat Mike's plan on a larger scale, including expanding to properties in Florida and North Carolina.​

Following the recession in 2008, banks, federal courts, and private individuals needed skilled management to stabilize distressed properties. Mike ran with the opportunity and started MDL's Property Management division.

Both the Security Exchange Commission and other federal courts credit MDL with outstanding performance in turning around distressed assets in the tri-city area. Mike has continued to grow MDL Investments into MDL Companies, comprised of five divisions: Investments, Construction, Property Management, Restoration, and Realty.

Core Values


We were founded on honesty and integrity. We are committed going forward to hold to our roots. It’s helped us grow with the right employees by law of attraction.


We care for all our stakeholders. MDL strives to provide a great work environment for all
employees. We truly want to help create a better community around us by providing service as

well as giving back.


Each employee, division, and the company, as a whole, operate at a level that provides top notch service and quality. We strive to hire the best employees and set them up for success.
This all leads to the best customer experience. We also want to be known in our community as

a company of excellence.


We are able to put great trust in our staff. Each division can operate on its own which allows the company to grow. Empowerment is essential to grow to our full potential and leverage our ethical, experienced, excellent staff.

MDL Core Purpose


  • Partnerships

  • Community

  • Company

  • Team

  • Family

  • Personal Growth

"Over time, a little added to a little must build something significant."

Employee Goals

We believe that a good, productive employee needs to be healthy, happy, and well-rounded. That's why we have worked hard to develop these employee goals, which we believe are the six most important areas of life focus. 

To learn more about our six areas of employee life focus, click here.

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