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Employee Goals

We believe that a good, productive employee needs to be healthy, happy, and well-rounded. That's why we have worked hard to develop these employee goals, which we believe are the six most important areas of life focus. 

Fun & Entertainment

We want our employees to want to come to work- laughter is encouraged. We want our people to have fun in and out of work. By following these six employee goals, we think it improves happiness and increases the general sense of joy in life. We want our people to work hard and play hard. Examples include having division meetings on our company pontoon, after-hours parties on Fridays at times throughout the year, and sponsoring fun functions like concerts and black tie events.

Health & Fitness

Our company emphasizes the importance of physical well-being by encouraging everyone to engage in exercising and healthy eating. These activities are designed to counterbalance life's negative effects on the body. Regular exercise and healthy eating habits are key to enhancing work productivity and fostering a generally positive attitude, which in turn leads to the generation of better ideas.


Good healthy relationships with family and friends, spouses, and significant others are highly encouraged. We believe these relationships lead to good, healthy, and productive relationships at work. Good working relationships bring synergy to the group and a collective general positive forward movement of the company. Good working relationships cause coworkers to support each other in trying new, hard tasks and creative big thinking.

Personal Growth

Read a book. Listen to a podcast. Go to lectures. Find a mentor. This is all encouraged at MDL. We want our employees to learn and talk about topics seemingly outside their work tasks at times. Ponder the meaning of life and see how you fit in. We want our team to learn and grow as people. If they do this, they can't help but grow in what they do at work. We want strong, confident coworkers at MDL. Continued self-growth is necessary for this to be realized. We also have a leadership/life coach on staff to support such personal growth.

Giving Back

A healthy, well-balanced person gives to others. We want people who are not solely self-focused. People that give of themselves in their time and monetary ways. It is said in an old Hebrew book, "It is more blessed to give than to receive". We want our people and the company to be blessed. Who does not want to be around a coworker who thinks of and gives to others? For this purpose, we have developed the MDL Foundation, with the focus of giving back and improving our community.

Business & Financial

We are a for-profit company that strives for production and growth. Our employees work hard. Business can be difficult, and competition can be ferocious. Only the companies with the best employees make it to the top and stay there. I think most would agree that people with the aforementioned characteristics have a good chance of being productive and happy employees. I have a goal for MDL to be around for 100 years. We started in 1986, so we need good, well-balanced people that can hold it together for the long haul. People that think big, have courage and persistence, and a willingness to step out, make big things happen.

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