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It's Time to Come Together

A word from MDL Owner/President Michael Loomis:

It cannot be this way.

We cannot be the leader of the world or be a successful city, state, or company with a divided people. A difference of opinion is good and healthy especially if the desire is to come up with the best answer in the end. Debate and spirited discussion often brings success, growth, and progress.

The lurching this country is doing from one side to the other depending on who is in power greatly slows forward progress. As I look at some of the other leading countries, they have much stronger forward movement and more synergy in their group efforts.

I look at Bay City’s and MDL’s growth and know that a team effort, pulling together in the same direction, is always more successful in a tug-of-war.

Why can’t Bay City be pro-business and pro-people? We can be a place that cares about the success and growth of its private sector while also caring about residents who need a hand-up when in need. Bay City can have great city programs to attract businesses to the area while being equally passionate to assist its people and the environment we live in.

Why can’t a private, for-profit business be successful both in business and with its employees and community? I truly believe a private company can pay their employees well, treat them with respect, do honest business, be respectful of the environment, help those in need, and improve the community while also succeeding in business.

As a community, state, and country, it is time to pull together.

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