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Investing in Ourselves

No one is immune to a downturn, and that was no more evident than the announcement that City Market would be shutting its doors. As a fellow Downtown business, we were fortunate to take advantage of all the great options they had to offer- excellent pizza, delicious smoothies, and the ability to grab a quick grocery or two for those late nights at the office. Like a lot of you, we are going to miss that blend of convenience, vibrancy, and spirit that City Market offered.

We wish the best for all the good, hard-working people who lost their jobs due to the closing. It is our sincere hope that we will soon see all of the former small business owners and employees find new homes to continue servicing our community. Our company noticed the commitment from City Market from its staff in providing quality service with a smile. The uniqueness of City Market was such a positive force to add to the downtown.

Even though City Market is no more, we should never take for granted the people who take the risk. I would like to commend Rod Hildebrandt and Matthew Meehan, not only on their efforts to establish City Market, but also for all the other investments they have made into Bay City and the surrounding community. Without people like Rod and Matthew who see both the city’s potential and also invest in it, Bay City would not be what it is growing into today.

I urge everyone to do your best to support our local Downtown Bay City merchants. Eat Local, Support Local, Shop Local.

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