MDL Investments

We are always looking for unique investment opportunities. We are interested in all opportunities, from condos to commercial buildings, to vacation homes. If you have an investment opportunity that you think we would be interested in, let us know!

Bay Valley Luxury Condos
Center Ave Building
Anna Maria Island Vacation Home

Located on Anna Maria Island at 107 S. 3rd Street, Bradenton Beach. With over $500,000 in renovations, this duplex conveniently sits only one block away from Bridge Street, the fastest upward trending area on the Island. Done in partnership with Doug & Dawn Mishler of LooMish LLC.

Serengeti Energy Smart Home

Located on Serengeti Cir in Cape Coral, Florida, this property is a true gem. It is being designed by one of the premier smart home developers in the United States, David Jenkins of Energy Smart Home Plans. 

Serengeti Circle

Located at Serengeti Circle just northeast of Fort Myers and Cape Coral. This 26 lot development is complete with waterfront access to the Caloosahatchee River. Done in partnership.